At Alpha & Omega restaurant we aim to provide our customers with an extraordinary, authentic Greek dining experience complemented with exceptional service in a relaxed atmosphere.




You asked for more Greek Specialties and now we have them.

We have created an all new menu full of authentic Greek dishes. Each one is made from scratch. We use only Fresh ingredients and our own recipes. Check out our new Menu. You will find your old favorites and many new authentic Greek dishes.




Reservations,Take-Out and Catering orders Welcome: Call 928-774-4337


Open 10 AM to 9 PM Tuesday - Sunday (Closed Mondays)



Authentic family recipes and an inviting family atmosphere make Alpha & Omega a landmark of Greek tradition in Flagstaff. Alpha & Omega has many regular customers and serves a select menu of Greek foods, with the gyros sandwich being our specialty. Another favorite dish at Alpha & Omega is the large Greek salad. Greek olives, peppers, feta cheese, tomatoes and gyros meat top this salad. Alpha & Omega’s homemade Greek salad dressing will leave you wanting more. Remember... We're open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner so come visit us whenever you're hungry.

 Many people ask what Gyros Means;

The word gyros comes from the Greek word that means "to turn" - and since the gyros meat turns as it cooks, the name 'Gyros' stuck.

So how do you pronounce the word gyros anyway? We have heard everything from "guy-roo" to "zoro" to "yoyo". The correct way to pronounce the word gyros is "year-oh." We don't expect you to say it with a Greek accent of course but however you say it, it will still taste great. We serve ours with Ripe tomatoes, Sliced red onions, delicious tzatziki sauce and a choice of side items.